Iowa sees a worker shortage

Monday, October 01, 2007

According to business and workforce development professionals in Iowa, the state will have about 100,000 job vacancies within the next five years. Read more.

The article makes it important point. Not all of the solutions to the pending worker shortages -- of not only in Iowa, but elsewhere -- will require outlays of money. Some solutions require better alignment, collaboration and communication.

For example, students generally receive relatively poor information regarding technical careers in high school. In many situations, each high school counselor will have a caseload of between 200 and 300 students. Understandably, most counselors focus on those students interested in attending four years of college.

Relatively little attention is paid to students, who could pursue a postsecondary training in a field that requires less than four years of college.

Here's another article, in which lawmakers get a warning to move on the issue. Read more.

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