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Monday, November 05, 2007

In five years, EDPro has established a strong group of loyal readers. Based on the spirited advice of some of you, I am expanding EDPro and taking it to the next level.

1. Starting today, EDPro is moving to a new Internet address: http://edpro-weblog.net

2. I am also launching EDPro Premium, a basket of expanded services for economic development professionals.

These services include powerful filtering and archive search, RSS feeds, book and report summaries, commentary, an exploration of Web 2.0 tools for EDPros, and a special EDPro advisory service -- Advisor in a Box -- so EDPro Premium members can get some fast answers to important questions.

(For example, as a member of the EDPro Premium network, you could ask for a search of the more than 13,800 articles in the master database of economic development articles appearing in the last five years. Pretty nifty.)

3. To offer this expanded coverage, I have moved to a new publishing and collaboration platform provided by EDPro's technology partner, Near-Time.

4. To generate funds to pay for all these improvements, I am adding a modest subscription price for EDPro Premium. As a Charter Member, you will be able to subscribe to EDPro Premium for less than $2 per week. (Or, if you prefer, 2 iTunes, one Starbucks mocha skim no whip whatever, or 2/3 of a gallon of gas.) Anyway you slice it, it's a good deal.

I'm keeping the pricing in line with most EDPro budgets. I will keep this introductory pricing to Charter Members of EDPro Premium in place through December 2007.

If enough of you support EDPro Premium, we'll be able to keep the price low, so more EDPros can participate in the EDPro Premium network.

5. At the same time, EDPros on a tight budget can still take advantage of some content with EDPro Free.

-- To see what some folks have written about EDPro go here.

-- To check out the new EDPro Premium content go here.

-- To join the EDPro Network now, go here.

My purpose in developing EDPro has always been to help our profession get smarter, faster with "what works".

With the enthusiastic support of EDPro readers, we are setting off on another journey...

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